Mini Athletics in Schools

It’s the program you wished you had when you were at School!

The Mini Athletics school program introduces children to the basics of athleticism (fundamental to their early physical development) in an imaginative, engaging and inclusive environment.

"It is always a pleasure to work alongside the Mini Athletics coaches who are always smiling and friendly. To see the children running to the Mini Athletics session to greet the coaches says it all. A great club for the children to attend to have fun, learn and develop new skills whilst staying fit and healthy. There are so many programs to choose from such as afterschool clubs, sensory sessions and PE cover. I would highly recommend." Matt Smith, Corpus Christi RC Primary School

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Extra-curricular clubs

Extra-curricular clubs

  • We deliver 60 minute extra-curricular sessions for ALL year groups (for reception age onwards).
  • Fantastically fun themed sessions, learning skills in an immersive and enjoyable environment.
  • Our sessions start with building athleticism i.e. teaching children how to run, jump and throw. As the school year progresses, we then build those skills into multi-sports.

Sensory Sessions

  • Sometimes children encounter challenges when adapting to the school day, possibly due to sensory, physical, or emotional needs.
  • Our specialised sessions are a fantastic sensory and imaginative experience that will enable children to feel energised and ready to learn.
  • 20-30 minute sessions split into 3 parts - alerting, organising and calming.


PE or PPA cover

PE or PPA cover

  • Mini Athletics lessons are in line with the national curriculum which means we can cover PE/PPA.
  • First, we instill athletic skills in children, followed by the integration of these abilities across various sports. As proficiency develops, their confidence grows, contributing to increased participation in a wide range of sports.
  • We can shape our sessions to be in line with year group themes.

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